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COMING SOON!!!!!!!!!!

We have been working on this since MAY 14th 2021.

Thanks to The Support of Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell, and Senator Murray's amazing team, PB has been awarded Congressionally Designated Funds to update and evolve our equipment!

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Give BIG

Coming Late Summer, 2022!

Meet the Indego® Exoskeleton.

Pushing Boundaries will be receiving TWO of these amazing pieces of technology.

The Indego® Therapy exoskeleton provides highly individualized gait therapy, custom-tailored for spinal cord injury and stroke with a single adjustable size device. Rapidly adjustable hardware and customizable software suites make the Indego Therapy Exoskeleton a powerful gait therapy solution.

Learn more about the Indego here.

Coming Late Summer, 2022!

Meet the Galileo® Delta A Tilt Table.

The Galileo® Delta A Tilt Table enables users unable to stand to benefit from vibration therapy provided by Galileo plates. The primary therapy targets are the improvement of the muscular status of the legs and trunk, the alleviation of contractures and the stimulation of blood circulation.

This Tilt Table will allow us to use our existing Galileo Plate with more flexibility and ease. 

Learn more about the Galileo Table here.

Coming Spring/Summer 2023!

Meet the Bioness® Vector GO.

The Vector Gait and Safety System allows clients to practice safe overground gait and balance training. During an exercise therapy session, the client is connected to the system via a harness that is attached to the trolley on the suspended rail system. Parameters such as body weight support and fall detection limit are set based on individual client needs.

Learn more about the Bioness Vector here.

*timing approximate based on installation.

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