No Cost

There is no cost to visit our facility. Rather than drop by, we ask that you work with our team to pre-schedule a tour- this will allow us to walk you through the facility, discuss the specifics of how we can help you (or in the case of a caregiver visit, how we can help your family member) and give you an overview of our processes, teams, and organization. UPDATE: during the ongoing COVID pandemic, we have filmed a Virtual Tour for your convenience. 

Initial Evaluation


Initial evaluations are charged at $100/ hour and vary in length from one to two hours. The Exercise Therapy Team determines the length of your initial intake, based on your previously provided Health History information.

Exercise Therapy


Schedules are determined collaboratively between the client and Exercise Therapy Team based on need, availability, goals, financial considerations, and transportation considerations. Sessions generally run one to two hours in length, and one to 5 visits per week. All Exercise Therapy sessions occur with a ratio of one client to one Exercise Therapist (or as need occurs, one client to two Exercise Therapists).



Use of the Lokomat requires extra support than our other services. Each hour the Lokomat is in use will be charged an additional $10.

One hour of scheduled time on the Lokomat encompasses full client set up as well as walking time. Actual time on the Lokomat varies from session to session based on individual client needs, set-up times, and health requirements. Average active walking times range from 20 to 40 minutes. 


Scheduling is determined on a month by month basis as the Exercise Therapy Team works with each client. It can shift and changed based on client availability, health changes, treatment-goal changes, etc.  Clients are always in charge of their treatment protocol and schedule. For more information, please see our FAQs page.

*Please note: Therapy Hours include assessment and clean-up time.