Contact us to visit our therapy center. Call or email to set up an appointment!

Potential clients and/or their caregivers are encouraged to walk through our facility, meet the team, and see how our exercise therapists work with our clientele.  This visit allows potential clients and their families the opportunity to see us and our clients at work!  It also provides a great opportunity for questions in the moment, and provides a resource for answering questions post-visit (so many of us visit a new place and can only formulate questions after the fact!)


Complete the initial Paperwork

Provided at your tour (and available for download HERE), the completion and submittal of this documentation is required for our exercise therapy team to schedule a new client for their initial evaluation. We'll cover these in detail during your tour, but the therapy team will need a completed health-history, a medical release from your healthcare team, and (in most cases) a bone density test.  Our administrative team will require an acknowledgment of billing and payment expectations as well.


Schedule your initial Evaluation

Once your paperwork has been received by our therapy team, you will be contacted to schedule your initial evaluation. The therapy team will use your health information to determine the best team member for you to meet with, as well as the amount of time your evaluation will take (usually 1-2 hours).


initial Evaluation

During your initial evaluation, you and your exercise therapist will assess where you are physically, determine your goals for your exercise therapy, navigate a few exercises establishing baselines, and discuss what schedule would work best with your goals and availability.

Our administrative team will have one last batch of paperwork for review and signatures (privacy policies, pet policies, etc).



Once your schedule is established, you and the team will work together to meet your goals!  The team encourages regular contact with your healthcare team, and will gladly support your care team with regular assessments and narrative reports, as requested.


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