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Community Resources

Navigating the world with a movement disorder presents unique challenges. These links may be able to help.

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General Support Equipment

Sport & Exercise Equipment

Local Resources

Mobility Products 

Adaptive Beds, Furniture, Lifts, and Personal Equipment

Wheelchair Accessories and Adaptations

  • Motion Concepts Power Systems for Power Chair Lift, Tilt, Standing, Etc

  • Colours Chair Wheels, Handles, and Accessories in Different Colors, Styles, and Patterns

  • Permobil Chair Support Pads, Accessories, and Adaptation

  • Varilite Back Support and Seating

  • BodyPoint Wheelchair Positioning and Accessories

  • AEL Chair Support Pads and Accessories



Exercise Therapy Equipment

Sporting/Outdoor Equipment 

CLICK HERE to find out more about adaptive recreation organizations!

Housing Adaptability & Construction

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