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Frequently Asked Questions

Have you worked with someone with my diagnosis /injury /circumstances?

Our team of experienced Exercise Therapists have worked with a variety of diagnoses, conditions, and injuries. Although we do occasionally encounter a client with a 'new-to-us' diagnosis, the symptoms that come with that diagnosis are not new. 

That said, part of our extensive intake process is to ensure that we are the right fit for your condition and goals.


What kind of equipment do you have onsite?

In addition to traditional gym equipment (constantly being adjusted by our Exercise Therapists to meet client needs) we have multiple FES cycles, Galileo Vibration Therapy, the Amadeo Robotic Hand Therapy, the Lokomat Robotic Gait Training System, and a variety of adjustable tables and standing frames to aid in client exercise. 


What is the difference between going to Pushing Boundaries and going to a gym?

Along with specialized equipment onsite, when a client pays for a session a Pushing Boundaries, they are not paying for access to our facility. Rather, they are paying for specific coaching and training, with a ratio of one client to one exercise therapist (and occasionally, one client to two exercise therapists). Clients benefit from the constant, focused attention of our team throughout their therapy session.


Do you bill insurance companies directly?

No. Exercise Therapy is not legally recognized as healthcare, and our Exercise Therapists are not recognized as healthcare providers (yet!). As such, they are unable to attain a National Provider Identifier (NPI), which is required by most insurers to bill for services. In addition, they cannot legally assign Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes for their work- another requirement by insurers. 

Occasionally (but rarely), a client will have luck submitting their receipts and getting reimbursed for all or part of the expenses. Pushing Boundaries does not work with insurance companies to this end, but will always aid a client in providing any documentation the client requests to aid in their reimbursement efforts.


How can I get assistance with covering the costs of care?

Although we work hard to keep costs reasonable, healthcare costs can be overwhelming. There are a variety of organizations that offer grants and funding for community-based care. In addition, occasionally a generous donor will sponsor a specific in-house scholarship opportunity. For more details on these options, please visit our Financial Support Resources HERE.


Since Clients pay for care, what are donations used towards?

Rates charged to clients currently cover approximately 70% of the basic costs to provide the service. The remainder of those costs, as well as anything outside of basic operations (such as equipment maintenance, replacement or acquisition, and community engagement and resource center support) are covered by the generosity of the community via individual donations, corporate sponsorship, and grants.


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