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A Message From Executive Director, Teri Mayo

This isn’t my “year in review” email. That will come later and be longer. Because… 2020. Instead, this is a year-end update. Subtle difference, yes. But… 2020. We’ve done a lot, despite the obstacles 2020 has thrown at us. As you may remember, we closed for 5 months, opened, closed, and re-opened again. All along, we’ve been working to keep PB going. We’ve done a lot both behind and in front of the scenes. We’re hanging in and hanging on. And we’re proud that we are still delivering top-notch exercise therapy to our clients and doing so in as safe a way as possible. Historically, we’ve had to subsidize client care by about 20-30%- we fundraise to keep the cost of our services as reasonable as possible for our clients. Because of the changes in protocols and capacity that have been required for client and staff safety (not to mention the incurred costs during the closure), the amount of community support we need to protect our client’s costs has increased significantly. Ensuring client costs remain steady is one of our biggest priorities. To do this, we need your help. A bonus for us (and an incentive, I hope, for you), is that we have an additional match challenge! In addition to the generous match challenge from Adler Giersch (currently at 70% ‘matched’) two generous board members have added an additional $2000. What that means is every dollar you donate now helps us keep our doors open and those client fees stable. You can help us make it through the winter and land in 2021 stable and ready to go. I know times are tough for us all. But as you think about wrapping up your year-end support for organizations in need, if you can keep PB on your list, I'd be ever so grateful!

Happiest of holidays to you and your family!

Teri Mayo, LMT Executive Director

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