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COVID Updates and the 14-Day Rule

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

To help protect Washingtonians from COVID-19, Governor Inslee announced new travel advisories and restrictions on businesses this past weekend. As of today, Pushing Boundaries is not included in the Governor's closures. As such, we will continue to serve our clients, practicing all of the stringent safety protocols we have in place. As always, this is subject to change as things evolve.

THE 14-DAY RULE We've simplified our existing polices to incorporate the new advisories from this weekend. Please wait 14 days before returning to Pushing Boundaries' in the following circumstances:

  • You are exposed to a known positive diagnosis (from date of exposure)

  • You travel outside Washington State, regardless of mode of transportation (from date of return)

  • You test positive or are a ''Suspected Positive'*^ (from date of diagnosis or onset of symptoms, whichever comes later)

  • Hospitalizations are determined on a case by case basis. Please reach out to Teri and or Michael (; to discuss options for our return.

*If a client, volunteer, or staff member presents with symptoms of COVID-19, and opts not to be tested, Pushing Boundaries will treat that person as a ‘suspected positive’, and align their return to the facility based on their symptom severity.

^For people diagnosed with COVID-19, the 14-day rule may be extended, based on the severity of symptoms.

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