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December Newsletter

"Creativity is intelligence having fun." ~Albert Einstein


Meet Sam!

Everyone, Please meet the newest member of our Exercise Therapy Team, Sam Padilla, AS, BS, ACE-CPT!

A recent Transplant from New Mexico, Sam's background includes personal training, specific work with neuromuscular movement disorders such as MS and Lupus, and extensive experience working with prosthetic training.

Sam joined us in November, and we're very excited to have her!


There's a new Podcast in Town!

Our very own Sebastian Broussard has started a new podcast about navigating a spinal cord injury.

So far he's done three episodes, and they're GREAT! As of now they are only on YouTube, but Sebastian says that there will eventually be an audio podcast format too.

Check it out and subscribe here!


'Tis the Season for a Gingerbread Contest!

There's still time to vote! Head on over to our Facebook or Instagram pages to vote for your favorite!


It's not too late to give!

Our $7000 challenge from Adler Giersch and members of our board is almost over and we are almost decorated for the season!

The Menorah is 'lit', baubles continue to be hung, and we'll start 'lighting' the Kinara soon! Help us keep the decorations coming!

Thank you.


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