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Exciting News from Teri! ...and Happy New Year!

I am excited and grateful to share the news of a major gift that Pushing Boundaries received at the end of 2021.

Heralded as the ‘Matron Saint of the Arts in Everett” (see the Schack Art Center, for one example) Idamae Schack was a stalwart businesswoman, beloved matriarch, and active supporter of a variety of non-profit community causes. She has been described as devoted, tenacious, humble, and gracious. (The Everett Herald did a lovely piece on her, here)

Mrs. Schack was also the grandmother of former Pushing Boundaries client (and 2021 Allan Northrup Award winner) Lisa Kittilsby. It is because of this connection, and because of Lisa’s ongoing support and cheerleading of the PB mission, that when Mrs. Schack passed away in 2021 (at the age of 102!) the James and Idamae M. Schack Family Trust bequeathed a gift of $150,000 to Pushing Boundaries, honoring Lisa and the hard work and great strides (all puns intended) she made as a Pushing Boundaries client.

Donations keep us up and running. Financial support helps us to subsidize the cost of exercise therapy and keep costs stable. You hear us talk about these things over and over again, and in the time of Covid, this is especially true. That’s why we were delighted, surprised, and honored to receive this truly spectacular end-of-yea gift.

In a “normal” year, $150,000 would give us a cushion. But in these deeply challenging times, it is not an exaggeration that it is a significant part of what is helping to keep us afloat. Often called an “angel,” Idamae certainly fulfills that moniker for us- as does Lisa. Just as the year ended, grandmother and granddaughter helped us exhale, regroup, and get back on our feet.

Thank you, Idamae. We are so grateful.


PS: If you are interested in incorporating PB or another charity into your estate planning, this article from Forbes is a great place to start.

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