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GiveBIG + Bella's Story Concludes

This fall Bella (and Sugar) will head to Evergreen College to pursue a higher education degree – a moment that many teenagers look forward to and a rite of passage into adulthood. Her goal is to be walking again when she heads off to school in September. And she hopes to eventually find a career in travel nursing…Hawaii is her top location choice.

Medically speaking, there is no mechanical reason that would prevent Bella from walking again. Prior to her FND diagnosis, she was very active and enjoyed dancing, gymnastics, and rock climbing. This last year of her life has felt frozen in many ways, but the hope that Pushing Boundaries has provided for her rehabilitation has been uplifting for her whole family. After months of pursuing a variety of therapy options, they are finally on a path that feels right.

Before finding PB, Bella’s family hadn’t heard of an Exoskeleton or the advanced technology and equipment available to our clients. Suzi said, “Pushing Boundaries’ tools and equipment open up the possibility for people to experience what it is like to be free again, and move their bodies in a way that makes them feel like themselves. It’s the best investment we have made in terms of her progress, because it’s the thing that has given us hope.”

While the future of Bella’s recovery won’t follow a known timeline or path, she and her family have found support and encouragement along the way – and this is the heart of our Pushing Boundaries mission.

We hope you’ll partner with us and “Give BIG” on this day of generosity. It’s because of our donors and community that we can continue to subsidize the cost of therapy for all clients. Each dollar donated helps keep our hourly therapy rates as low as possible and our doors open to the paralysis community. Thank you for caring about the important work we do and the many amazing clients who are finding health and hope because of our services.

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