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GiveBIG + Meet Bella

As GiveBIG approaches next week, we are feeling extra grateful for the Pushing Boundaries community. Our donors, clients, and eastside neighbors have faithfully supported our organization for the 18 years that it’s existed – through thick and thin. It’s this consistent support that allows us to continue our mission serving the paralysis population.

Each day at Pushing Boundaries is a good day. Progress is made, goals are achieved, and milestones are within reach. The health and well-being of the paralysis community is at the heart of everything we do, and because of that, our PB family is a really special one. When you’re on the exercise floor, you’ll often find clients discussing the logistics of traveling in a wheelchair, the pros and cons of specialized equipment, or where to find access to accessible sports or hobbies. This genuine care for one another creates an environment where clients feel motivated and encouraged.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of visiting Pushing Boundaries to see our facility and the work we do, consider this your invitation to schedule a tour and let us introduce you to our mission.

In the meantime, we find the best way to share about the work we do and who we serve, is storytelling. It brings us much happiness to introduce you to our client, Bella, who started coming to Pushing Boundaries in January 2023. She has an infectious laugh, helps keep us all young at heart, and is working toward walking once again after being diagnosed with Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) in February 2022. Her story is an incredible one.

Meet us back here tomorrow to continue Bella's story.

GiveBIG is a statewide fundraising campaign where our community comes together to give back and make a big impact. We hope you'll join us by making a donation in support of the Pushing Boundaries mission and the incredible clients we serve. Thank you!

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