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Hitting The Pause Button

Greetings, Community:

Because Pushing Boundaries is such a unique entity, when state leadership initially laid out Washington's Four Phases, the PB Board of Directors and Administration determined that we would align with Phase Two for guidance in re-opening.

When Phase Two hit, we were excited to open! We assumed that a progression to Phase Two would equal a continued improvement in our state's numbers. Like many, we've been disheartened that this hasn't been the  case.

Based on these factors, earlier this morning the Pushing Boundaries Board of Directors voted to hit the 'Pause' button. As such, we are putting our return on hold- closing the doors for two weeks to keep our community as safe as possible while we watch what happens. Two weeks from now, the Board will reconvene to determine if we are at a place to safely re-open. In the meantime, we've contacted all of our clients to make sure that they are in the know.

The good news?  We are pausing out of an abundance of caution- NOT because of any incidents of known COVID exposure. In fact, being open this week has provided a great 'test drive' of all of our new processes and procedures- allowing us to make small tweaks to ensure the highest level  of safety possible. The whole team is excited to return again, and continue to provide great therapy in a safe environment.

We will continue to keep you updated as this fluid, ever-evolving situation changes. 

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