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It's our BIRTHDAY! Join in the Month-long Celebration!

Share Your Story

Join current clients, employees, and board members by sharing a Social Media birthday wish or favorite memory! You can go to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to post, tag, or tweet! (please tag us in your posts!)


Gift a New Piece of Equipment

Our Clients and Exercise Therapists have assembled a shopping wish list...

Wanna help clients by getting PB some much-needed equipment? Send us a treat! (we'll issue you a tax receipt upon arrival!)

Click Here to check out the Wishlist!


Support with a Donation

2020 was a very challenging year for EVERYONE. As we navigate 2021, the world remains in a state of flux, and we're working hard to be prepared for whatever comes next... while still taking care of our clients. If you're able, a gift of support would make a huge difference.


Pushing Boundaries opened it's doors for the first time in March, 2005. We've packed a LOT into those 16 years:

  • 70,000+ Hours of Exercise Therapy

  • 1,100+ Clients participating in our Exercise Therapy Programs

  • Thousands of visits to our onsite and online Resource Centers

  • Thousands of family support moments

  • Hundreds of hours educating the Puget Sound community

  • Infinite Gratitude to thousands of supporters

Thank you for being a part of this community!

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