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July Newsletter

Updated: Dec 21, 2020



 After briefly re-opening at the end of June, Our Board of Directors opted to hit the 'pause button' just a few days later.

     A sharp increase in statewide COVID cases paired with an abundance of caution indicated to the Board that we may have opened a bit too soon... we're all just so excited to get back to work!

Right now we will remain closed through the end of July. Conversations between the Board and the Team continue; we're balancing client and staff safety with ensuring we have enough clients able/willing to come in. We'll keep you updated as thing evolve.



 We are excited to welcome Steven Anglés to the PB Team! Steven is an attorney whose law practice focuses on representing individuals with complex and catastrophic injuries. He is a partner at the law firm of Adler Giersch, nationally renowned for their advocacy of clients with brain and spinal cord injuries.  Most notably, the firm was responsible for the “Return to Play” Law for students after their client, Zackery Lystedt, sustained life-altering concussions during a middle school football game.

      Steven’s practice takes him across the PNW, from Seattle to the East Side and far beyond. He also manages an office in Kent dedicated to the South Sound, with additional resources and language skills to support the Latinx community. After 20 years in practice, he has a unique understanding of the care and effort it takes to help restore hope and rebuild lives after life-changing injuries. Working with Pushing Boundaries is a natural extension of honoring his clients and the tireless pursuit of exceptional results. 



   Even though the team has been furloughed for most of the past four months, none of us are ever far from our PB home. For Exercise Therapist Kristen, that's been especially true.

     In the final months of obtaining her Master's Degree in Sports Management and Administration, Kristen initially planned on doing an administrative internship with Administrators Teri and Michael.  With the onset of COVID and the resulting closure, that became an impossibility. 

     Thus, Plan B: A Capstone Project. Kristen has been developing a whole new way for us to set and measure client goals. This will allow the team to communicate more thoroughly with our clients' health care teams, as well as track progress more accurately. With a little help from Michael, Kristen's also modernized how we manage this data, building a database that can be cross-referenced by the administration, providing aggregate data that can be used in seeking grants and support for our work.

     Great job, Kristen!

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