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June 29th!!!! -Re-Opening

We are excited to announce that we will be opening our doors on June 29th! You can find a complete overview of our updated Policies and Procedures HERE, but we've provided an overview below:



  • We will be starting at 50% capacity with client scheduling.

  • Facility access will be limited to staff, clients, and caregivers whose presence is required during a session.

  • Friends and family will be asked to not be in the facility at this time.

  • Visitors, deliveries, and other non-clients will be directed to a managed entrance to determine access necessity.


  • All visitors, staff, and clients will be required to complete our COVID Agreement. This document outlines the responsibilities and actions required to help keep our community as safe as possible.

  • The PB team will contact clients the day before every appointment to check in regarding their health status.

  • Upon entry, every client, visitor, and employee will undergo a brief health screening (including no-contact temperature) to confirm whether their presence is appropriate on that day.


  • Our standards for equipment cleaning have always exceeded requirements- that said we are implementing changes to be even more thorough.

  • Harder-to-sanitize surfaces have been identified, with new tools in place to ensure their cleanliness.

  • New processes managing the repeated sanitizing of non-exercise surfaces and areas (such as restrooms and the waiting area) have been put in place.

  • Difficult-to-manage items such as magazines, games, and (sadly) coffee service have been removed for the time being.


  • All visitors and clients will be required to wear a (self-provided) mask while at the facility.

  • Administration will wear a mask while at the facility. Fresh masks will be worn for any close client interactions.

  • Exercise Therapists will be wearing a new uniform of t-shirts and scrub pants, masks, protective eye-wear, and (as deemed appropriate) gloves.

  • The Exercise Therapists will change into fresh PPE (and disinfect eye-wear) between each client.

  • Disposable gowns and masks will be worn by the Exercise Therapists should they need to briefly assist each other on the exercise floor.


This is just a brief overview of how Pushing Boundaries is working to protect our clients. 

Like the rest of the world, the Pushing Boundaries Board and Administration continues to monitor the ongoing pandemic. As King County has entered into Phase 2 (yay!) but numbers continue to rise (boo!), the situation remains fluid. 

With client and staff safety our number one priority, Pushing Boundaries will not hesitate in shifting, changing, or evolving our 'open' status, if that's what's needed to keep the community safe.

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