March Newsletter

New Bioness Equipment Update

We are full steam ahead with the Bioness Technology Access Program.

On March 26th the entire team will complete their training in working with the new device, and we hope to start incorporating the Bioness L300Go Unit into appropriate client sessions soon after!

Kersey Mobility's Referral Program

Pushing Boundaries and Kersey Mobility have often worked together to serve our mutual clients. Many of our clients and their families have used Kersey Mobility for their adaptive vehicle needs (including test-driving in our parking lot!), so we're excited to let you know about their new referral program.

Kersey will now offer a thank you gift to existing customers when they refer a friend to them.

You can find out all of the details about their Referral Program here.

*PB is not associated with the Referral Program. We are providing this information because many of our clients work with Kersey and may potentially benefit from this new offer.

We have Two New Board Members!

PB is welcoming two new members to our Board of Directors! Last month we introduced you to John Sungar Foster. This month we'd like yo to meet Crystal Ju!