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Pushing Boundaries' Temporary Closure

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

We WILL Be Back!

It is with heavy hearts that we notify you that we are temporarily ceasing operations, effective immediately.

Although we do not 'technically' fit into today's declaration by Governor Inslee, our Board of Directors and Administration have decided that the risk of the COVID crisis outweighs the (many, MANY) benefits of our Exercise Therapy Program.

As of now, we are cancelling all Exercise Therapy Appointments through the end of March. As that date approaches we will reexamine where the world is- whether we are able to re-open or need to extend our closure further. Although we will attempt to contact each of you over the phone, please consider this your official notification.

Since we will not be onsite, the easiest way to communicate with the PB team will be via email: Teri and/or Michael will remain part-time and monitor both, and

Many of you are wondering about us, the PB team. We've seen this possibility coming down the road, and began preparations a week ago to ensure that our team can transition to temporary unemployment. That said, costs such as rent, utilities, and team healthcare continue; without revenue coming in from our clients, it's going to be a challenging time. If you are so inclined, donations are welcome, and can be made here.

We are so grateful to and for all of you. Continue to watch this blog for updates.

We'll see you on the other side

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