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Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Let's try this again....

We're opening back up!

The current landscape of COVID-19 requires a level of agility and flexibility the likes of which we've never encountered. Our Board of Directors and Administration have been continuously assessing COVID 19- attempting to strike the balance between client and staff safety with providing exercise therapy services to our community.

At this time we have decided to re-open our doors effective Tuesday, August 11th.

Just like when we opened in June, we'll be at 50% capacity, with stringent processes and procedures in place to maximize safety. We'll be reaching out to scheduled clients in the coming days to re-confirm appointments.  

Sadly, COVID isn't going away; we can't promise that circumstances won't necessitate another shut-down at some point. If so, we'll navigate it then.

As always, we appreciate your ongoing support.

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