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Your Continuing Support in Protecting our Community

We are very grateful for the response from our email earlier this week. For those of you who have donated, THANK YOU!

With 40% of our appointments cancelled for March (so far), next week our entire team is going to four (or fewer) days per week. If client appointments continue to decrease, hours will continue to be cut. We will stay open to serve our clients as long as the board and administration deems it appropriate, or until state or federal officials direct us otherwise.

As we continue to navigate this new (temporary) reality, we also continue to translate your generosity in different and new ways for us.

Normally when someone donates, we equate your financial contribution to how it supports client services and equipment. Right now we are also translating your dollars into operating costs and staff benefits that may be needed to keep the lights on during a partial or full (temporary) shut-down. The generosity we received this week would cover six weeks of medical benefits for our entire team, should we temporarily shut down. Again, thank you.

If you haven't already, please consider a one-time or monthly gift.

Please also feel free to share this request with friends and family and anyone you think would value our mission.

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