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July Newsletter!

Grant Opportunity!

Pushing Boundaries is proud to host the RESTORIX Foundation Grant Program!

If you or someone you know is:

a. Recovering from a Traumatic Brain Injury

b. Can show an immediate economic need

You/They may be eligible!

Please submit an email inquiry to Associate Director Michael LaTour to start the process.


Did you read about our big news?

You should have gotten an email late last month, but incase you missed it:

We have some great new equipment heading our way! Below is the video for our new Indego Robotic Gait-Training Tool.

You can about our other exciting pieces of equipment on our WEBSITE!


Congratulations Seb!

As reported earlier this month, our very own Sebastian Broussard went to the WORLD GAMES as a part of the U.S. Wheelchair Rugby Team!

Seb was one of the youngest players on the court, and got plenty of play time.

Check out a pic of Seb in action, as well as our video 'love letter' to Seb, below!


Do you know about the Disability Empowerment Center?

The Disability Empowerment Center provides free services to people who live in King County. As a community-based organization led and run by people with disabilities, they are a critical hub for people to receive free individualized services and access community-based resources.

Click HERE to learn more about what they have to offer!


Save the Date... October 20th, 2022

For the first time since 2019, we will be gathering together to celebrate and fundraise for Pushing Boundaries. Go to our Events Page for all the information!

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