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March Newsletter


As you know by now, Pushing Boundaries has temporarily closed due to the ongoing, unprecedented health crisis of COVID-19.  We will continue to keep people updated as we navigate the ever-changing landscape. Every decision our Administration and Board of Directors makes is based on client and staff safety, paired with what's best for our Puget Sound Community.



Many of you have reached out and asked about the team. Thank you; your concern means more than you know. The whole team has been categorized on 'temporary layoff', making us all eligible for unemployment benefits until we reopen.  We miss our clients and their families desperately. Teri and I continue to do operational basics a few hours a week from home: Answering emails, communicating with clients, paying bills, etc.  In addition, we take turns driving in to check mail and walk through the facility to make sure all is well.  The six of us text regularly, and have been doing video conferences every few days- both to stay up-to-date and to check on each other. Here's what we've been up to:

  • Shelby is taking time to learn how to drive a manual transmission... let's just say that she never gets too far from the house.

  • Kristen is getting by with a little help from paint and coffee (do we really think that's coffee in that mug?).

  • Kevin is busy studying and learning the art of imitating a mannequin.

  • Sumi is staying busy with her (very) active son, while desperately trying to keep her plants alive.

  • Teri is hanging out with her spouse, their pups (pictured: Gus), and catching up on small projects around the house.

  • Me? I've tossed my Keto diet to the wind and have embraced my inner baker. 



For the 7th consecutive year, Pushing Boundaries has received a grant from The Tulalip Tribes Charitable Fund. Every year we are grateful, but this year is especially meaningful, as we know the Tulalip Tribe has been equally impacted by COVID-19. Thank you, Tulalip Tribes Charitable Fund!



We put out the call, and so many of you have answered... Thank you!!!   

Normally we rely on donations to cover about 25% of our operating costs. Without being able to see clients, donations have become our primary resource to pay rent, keep the lights on, and cover other important expenses (such as staff healthcare). We are very grateful! 

If you'd like to donate and haven't yet, you can use the button to your left.

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