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May Newsletter!

NEW! PB Client Group on Facebook!

  • Are you looking for a place to connect with other PB clients?

  • Do you want to share new research and articles?

  • Do you want to sell a gently used piece of equipment?

  • Do you need to buy a gently used piece of equipment?

  • Basically, do you want to build community!

  • Then we invite all current and former clients (and family) to join the new PB Community Group on Facebook!

Although this group is searchable, both member information and content are private... that way people can find it and ask to join, but they can't see anything until the PB Staff confirms their membership.

Email Michael if you have any questions, and Join Today!


COVID Updates

Like everyone, we are excited by the progress as the things continue to re-open, and the number of vaccinated people continues to rise.

That said, in the interest of client safety, Pushing Boundaries will not be changing any of it's current policies regarding masks (yup!) and unnecessary on-site visitors (nope!) at this time.


Making Redmond Parks More Accessible

The City Parks Department is developing an ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) Transition Plan to help increase accessibility in Redmond's 47 parks and 39 miles of trails.

To best do this, the city is seeking volunteers to join a stakeholder advisory committee. Those interested should email Jeff Aken or call him at 425-556-2328.


The Pool is Open!

Construction on the Redmond Pool is complete, and it (along with the Juanita Pool) is now open! To use either, you must make a reservation through their website.

For those who need it, the Redmond Pool has a pool lift installed in the shallow end. When booking a reservation, be sure to reserve a "Shallow End Only" reservation for access.

The Juanita Pool does not have a lift, but is also open and can be reserved through the same website.



Thanks to a few last-minute arrivals, we ended up EXCEEDING our GiveBIG Goal of $10,000!


From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you. Keeping our services affordable and accessible is our highest priority, and your gifts help us do that.

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