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Protecting our PB Community- How you can Help

While navigating these interesting times, we are all concerned with making decisions that keep us, and our loved ones, as safe as possible. As a preventative measure, many of our clients are choosing to cancel all external activities- including appointments with us.

As a response to this reality, our entire team (including administration) is cutting hours and we’re tightening the purse strings everywhere we can.

We generally ‘formally’ ask for financial support 2-3 times a year (we’re still excited about this year’s Fundraising Lunch- June 15th!), but these are extraordinary times.

We need your help.

Washington State leadership continues to report that this is going to get worse before it gets better. Our nonprofit model is based on our amazing clients paying a reasonable rate for their care, supplemented by our generous donors who make up the difference in operating costs. Many of those operating costs are the same whether we have a full load of appointments in a week (roughly 100) or one appointment in a week.

We are always grateful when you, our donors, add us to your giving portfolio. That said, now is a time of particular need to help ensure that we can come out the other side of these scary times able to fully serve our clients.

Please consider a one-time or monthly gift.

Please also feel free to share this request with friends and family and anyone you think would value our mission.

Thank you for your support,

Teri Mayo, LMT                                       Michael LaTour

Executive Director                                   Associate Director

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